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Location - Philadelphia region

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I am an experienced hardware engineer in board and logic design with cutting edge technologies. I am a self-directed team leader, committed to achieving results. I have a tenacious drive to resolve any problem, and I am a champion of product quality.

I have developed high layer count boards used in multi-million dollar switch fabric product lines, featuring PCIe, Ethernet, Infiniband, and Omni-Path. I’ve designed successful PCIe host channel adapter cards for channel production and OEM partners. My portfolio includes a specialty in embedded management design and architecture. I am well-versed in bringing products from concept through prototype and production and have worked with cross-functional teams including software, manufacturing, program management, and platform application engineers. I bring outstanding leadership, collaboration, and communication skills to every endeavor.

I work at Intel Corporation in the Platform Hardware Engineering group designing fabric switches and host fabric interfaces for the High Performance Computing market. I originally joined the platform hardware team when it was a start-up called Infinicon Systems, specializing in InfiniBand switches. Back then, there were only three hardware engineers! Working in a start-up environment on a shoestring budget really expands your skillset. Later, we rebranded to SilverStorm, then got bought by QLogic, a mid-sized company. We survived our first acquisition and flourished. Eventually QLogic sold our division to Intel Corporation, another acquisition, placing our team at the forefront of High Performance Computing. Our team grew as the group took on the ever-increasing challenges of faster speeds and higher port counts. Check out our Omni-Path rankings in the TOP500 from 2017 to the present for the world’s fastest supercomputers - including entries in the top 10.

Previous to Intel, I worked for Lucent (embedded management for ATM switches), Stanford Telecom (telecom equipment), and United Defense (electrical systems for military vehicles). I studied electronics engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where I graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. While there, I studied electronics, communications, and optics. 

I can’t wait to see what new engineering challenges lie ahead!

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